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Could you benefit from:

"Experienced ears" offering a professional perspective to your creative work-in-progress?

An honest critique of your new song(s), before you spend your hard-earned money on a demo or master?

Recording a "sketch demo", to work out the structure, chords, tempo & "feel" of your new song(s), thus creating a clear "road map" for the live musicians at your upcoming master session?

A "songwriting coach" who can guide you in improving your craft and finding your strengths?

Supportive and incisive consulting/counseling about the survival of your spirit as a songwriter and/or artist?

If you would like to access my years of experience in writing, critiquing, production, singing, entertaining, and maintaining emotional balance as a creative individual; I now offer one-on-one consulting for hire. This can be done in person (in the Southern California area), or by phone (anywhere). I encourage you to email me (alan @ alan oday. com, remove the spaces) we can discuss your specific needs.

What People Are Saying

“Alan O'Day is not only a brilliant songwriter and teacher of the creative and technical aspects of the craft, he is also a caring, positive spirit who weaves his understanding of the deeper aspects of life into his sincere desire to help everyone evolve and grow into their true potential. If you are fortunate enough to join the elite group moving in Alan's circle of energy, I think you will find as I have that Alan is a true friend and Mentor in ways too numerous to mention.”

Mark Keefner
Waymo Music & Soundesign


“Alan has been a true inspiration to many of our songwriters. He has a way of telling the truth in a gentle, but honest manner which is always inspiring. Because Alan has walked the walk of songwriting for years, he was able to share many personal and inspiring stories with our struggling songwriters. After Alan spoke at our Just Plain Folks songwriting group, I received many e-mails from members thanking me for having such an inspiring and knowledgable speaker. He was also such a pleasure to work with. He treated everyone like an equal and was always supportive and motivating. His songwriting tips have been invaluable to me.”

Linda Kraemer
Chapter Coordinator
Just Plain Folks Orange County


“One of the most important people in my life is Alan O’Day. Important because he not only believed in me when I was scratching on publishers doors at 18 yrs old and getting nothing but constant rejection, but also because he was my friend. He would always give me confidence, although I was a pretty confident, bordering on arrogant, person! He gave me honest and astute feedback on my material. Sometimes I didn't take it all that well, but I learned a lot from him! He is not only a great songwriter but someone who totally understands the craft. Someone with great ears, and more importantly, a great heart.”

Diane Warren

"I have had the pleasure of working with Alan O'Day for more than 10 years in many different settings. We have collaborated on shows, performed together with my students and worked on the Scholarship program that is in his mother's name. He is a consummate professional, who is talented and a joy to work with. Always open to ideas and suggestions, Alan approaches each project as if it were the only thing on which he had to focus( who knows, maybe it is! jk). Further, of all the musicians I have ever worked with, he is certainly one of them... Seriously, if you are working on a music project, you will be hard pressed to find anyone more talented or dedicated.
PS Alan, please send my check to the house!
Just kidding!!!"

Bob Reinhagen
Director Coachella Valley High School Visual and Performing Arts Academy
83-800 Airport Blvd.
Thermal, CA 92274


"Co-writing with and meeting Alan O' Day has directly
and positively boosted my songwriting confidence level.
This confidence eventually led me to the point where I
have written more songs that are getting getting positive
feedback from major publishers on Music Row in Nashville.
Alan has been a major influence on me. He went out of
his way to help this amateur. He and Yuka are great people.
We've met a few times it's always a blast for me."

Joe Piasecki


“Alan O'Day is one of the music industry's treasures. He has been writing wonderful songs for decades, and is extremely likeable and uplifted by his craft. From a colleague's view, I believe he would provide kind and insightful critique and assistance to writers looking for a professional ear.”

Pamela Phillips Oland

“I have been inspired by Alan's unbridled enthusiasm for the craft of songwriting and his perennial great vibe on the scene. Alan can bump you out of a writers slump like a freight train hitting a soda can!”

Carl Verheyen
Carl Verheyen Band, Supertramp


“Alan O'Day has composed numerous songs for the children and teens we serve. His way with a melody and lyric is nothing short of remarkable. We are delighted to have been graced by his talents.”

John Beltzer,
President & Founder
Songs of Love Foundation


“Among other things, I've been general professional manager of Warner Brothers Music and Head of Irving/ Almo music and I have to say that Alan O'Day is not only one of the most talented songwriters I've ever worked with, but one of the most astute! He not only knows how to take direction...he knows how to give it!

It's hard to be objective when it comes to your own creativity. Alan has shown me time and time again in my own writing...that I could say more than I thought I had said or go a step farther than I thought I could go. You can't teach somebody how to write a song, but with his lyrical and musical skills, Alan can show you how to make your song the best it possibly could be!

The hardest thing for a writer to do is to go back to an old song and re-write it in the same conciousness that drove you to write it in the first place. About 6 months ago I suggested to Alan that he update his classic, "Rock and Roll Heaven" (O'Day/ Stevenson) He worked on it for months, and the final updated lyric is incredible! To hear the new demo and see the inspiring video just click...”

Artie Wayne


“Alan was helpful in reminding me of the creative possibilities at my disposal, which he clearly has ready access to as well. I have never met a freer spirit, musically, than Alan , or a more joyful one. Alan's approach to songwriting is one of good humor and eternally youthful enthusiasm. At his experience level, this is a remarkable , inspiring thing to exude and impart.”

Lisa Aschmann, author of “500 Songwriting Ideas for Brave and Passionate People” (MIX Books, Hal Leonard, Publishers)


“My experience with Mr. O'Day was a very positive and fruitful one. After one consultation with him, I had a fresh approach to writing and hearing music. His insights and suggestions really helped me to bring my writing to the next level both musically and lyrically. As a person, I found him to be affable, generous and a lot of fun to talk to. Accessibility to this level of expertise and experience is something songwriters everywhere should definitely take advantage of. Hiring Mr. O'Day is a very good idea for any songwriter in need of advice from a friendly expert.”

John Panaccio


“Completely in awe of his recording achievements, I do not know where to begin to describe my gratitude and respect for Alan O’Day. I have had the privilege of performing with Alan on several occasions, and each time, he has graciously and unselfishly shared his limelight with me. He is an exceptionally humorous storyteller with the ability to capture our hearts and imagination. The value Alan brings to songwriting goes far beyond professional boundaries as he transforms any musical event into an unforgettable experience. An extraordinarily gifted entertainer, Alan O’Day is one of the most colorful, hilarious, and inspirational performing artists of our time!”

Voyce McGinley III, Los Angeles based percussionist who has drummed for Cirque du Soleil, Kitaro, and the Walt Disney Company. Voyce has also written two instructional books for Mel Bay Publications. Visit him at


"We've had the honor, delight, and inspiration that is the experience of sharing the stage with Alan at several events; and we just want to say how generous, gracious, and encouraging he was. Thank you Alan!!!"

Toast & Siena
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"Alan's workshop at the Song Co-op was very inspiring. He's not just a hit songwriter, he's also a great mentor to aspiring songwriters."

Jimmy Borja

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