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Alan & Yuka. Boy, do we look Prozacian! This photo was taken by Jim Mc Hugh for the People Magazine article, but was unused. We sent it as a Christmas card recently; some of the recipients didn't notice we were sitting in a spa.

Here is my handsome, charming dad, Earle, in his 20's. Photographer, writer, newsman. But he was already 40 when I was born, & suffered a massive stroke when I was still quite young. Things went downhill from there until his death in the early 60's. I wish I could have hung out with him during his healthy days, but I have some special memories, & wonderful photographs he took.
This is my mom, about 1928, probably taken by my dad. They worked together for newspapers in the Pasadena area, had little money but a lot of love. When they got married, they drove a Model T Ford from California to Santa Fe, New Mexico, & spent their honeymoon with dad's Indian friends in San Ildefonso pueblo.
This is my dad with Maria, the famous potter of San Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, taken in the '20s. His friendship with these artistic people was much more than "tourist", lasting his whole life. His early photos can still be found in homes there. After his passing, my mother took me to see what was so special. Now I'm proud to have personal friends in San Ildefonso as well, and I visit whenever I can.
Dancing with my mom at the René's reunion, circa 1995.
Alan and Yuka, circa 2004. Together since 1992, married in 2007. She is my rock, she makes our house a home, and she has even partially civilized me! We call ourselves "the odd couple", having different tastes & priorities, but somehow it works. I am grateful for this wonderful lady in my life. OK, enough of this sweetness. Truth is, she's quite proficient in karate, and I'm afraid to leave! Help me someone... help...

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